Our final days at Salt Springs

We love the campground at Salt Springs Recreation Area. We’ve camped here in the past with friends when we lived in Florida and we’re happy to report that it’s still a great campground. The lots are roomy with plenty of space between you and your neighbor. Most of the lots are surrounded by mature trees which offered some much welcomed shade from the hot Florida sun.

During our two week stay we went to the spring quite often however we quickly learned our first weekend there that the spring was a bit too crowded and noisy for us so we enjoyed it during the week instead and left the weekends for the day visitors.

That’s more like it!

The first time we went to the spring I could not make myself get in all the way no mater how hard I tried to psyche myself up to handle the sting of the 72 degree water. Nope, couldn’t do it. The next time we went there was another lady standing with me on the steps three quarters of the way in. We stood there for the longest time – both trying to muster up the nerve to get the rest of the way in – when all of a sudden she just dove in. When she came up I said “you DID it!” and she said “for my son”. Well if that don’t beat all, now I looked silly standing there all by myself looking exactly like someone who wasn’t able to muster up any nerve. Not being one to intentionally look silly I blocked the impending sting to my body from my brain and dove in. The cold water literally took my breath away for a few seconds as my head and body succumbed to the sting. Thankfully it wasn’t long before I either got used to the temperature or rather more likely I was numb. Either way eventually it began to feel refreshing and I was able to join Ronnie in checking out the springs.

We saw the biggest and most beautiful blue crabs hanging out deep in the rocks and crags of the springs. One even bumped into my heel as it was scurrying along to get to the springs. It startled me but thankfully it scurried around my foot rather than latching on with its enormous claw.

Seeing those crabs increased our desire for more tasty seafood so Ronnie grilled some shrimp and scallop kabobs.

We also checked out a favorite seafood restaurant from previous camping trips, Bass Champions, just down the road. I was nervous about going because it seems restaurants just haven’t been the same since Covid but we went anyway and I’m glad we did. It was just as good as we remembered!

The wildlife within the park kept us entertained with hawks perching on a limb a mere few feet away, squirrels staring at us and snatching sips of water from LizzieBelle’s water bowl and buzzards hanging out at the spring waiting for people like me to turn into a skeleton while mustering up the nerve to get in the water.

Our first week there we were informed that a bear trap had been set in the park. We never heard whether or not the bear was captured but thankfully LizzieBelle and I never met up with one on our nightly ventures outside so she could do her business.

There were several mornings and evenings where it was cool enough for a campfire.

And what times we weren’t at the springs or sitting by the campfire we sat in our camp chairs and watched the happenings around us. I spent many hours reading and cross stitching and occasionally we’d watch a movie.

Salt Springs is off of Lake Kerr. Many boaters would anchor their boats and wander over to the spring for a cool dip in the water.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Salt Springs but alas it’s time to move on.

From here we went to Ocala where we parked the trailer and stayed with family for a couple nights. It was great seeing them all one more time before leaving Florida. Now on to the next adventure!

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