Kincaid Lake State Park, Falmouth, KY

From Fort Boonesborough we headed north to Kincaid Lake State Park in Falmouth, Kentucky.  It was a nice, short trip.  LizzieBelle is beginning to enjoy having her bed to lay in as we travel and I’m enjoying having a free lap!  It makes the trips much easier on everyone.

Kincaid Lake State Park is huge with lots to offer those who visit:  golf, swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, miniature golf and much more.  As we entered the park we spotted the golf course first…

Ronnie was wishing he hadn’t put his clubs in storage.  Being left handed I knew the odds of borrowing or renting a set of clubs would be slim so I encouraged him not to store them.  However, they are quite bulky and heavy and can be in the way whether they’re stored in the  back of the truck or the camper’s cubby so into storage they went just last week.  Sigh.   As Ronnie has been looking at various campgrounds to book he’s noticed several golf courses at or near the campgrounds so I think we’ll be pulling the clubs out of storage when we are back that way for his doctor’s appointment.  

The next thing we noticed were the boat ramps then a country store…

… and to the left of the store was the pool sitting above the lake…

What a beautiful setting! The pool is a community pool and there is a small fee to swim. Campers get $1 off.

We continued on passing a large picnic pavilion and a recreation area before entering the campground.  There are 84 camp sites with water and electric and at least that many, if not more, primitive camp sites.

Our lot was at the front of the campground, site 5.

We had a couple neighbors here and there throughout the week but most of the campers were towards the back of the campground.  And the weekends?  Oh my!  On Friday’s we find ourselves saying “here comes another one” and on Sundays “there goes another one” as camper after camper file in or out.  We’re glad that so many people hit the campgrounds on the weekends.  They’re “getting outside and blowing the stink off them” as my Mom used to tell me to do in my younger years – probably when I had pestered her one too many times!  Anyway, by Sunday evening after most of the weekend crowd has gone back to their reality, we find ourselves decompressing from all the noise and activity that a full campground brings.  Once again we hear and see more natural, soothing sounds and sights – the birds singing their song, the leaves rustling in the breeze, the serenading cicadas, fireflies (or lightnin’ bugs as we say!) twinkling in the night and it feels so good.  We consider ourselves lucky to be able to witness so much beauty and peace.

As I mentioned earlier, we were at the front of the campground and there was no bath house near us.  The closest one was quite a distance from our site and uphill both ways. Just kidding! It was only uphill on the way to the bath house.  I chose to walk for the exercise but we decided it was not wise for Ronnie to attempt the walk so he drove in order to avoid the possibility of having chest pain from the exertion of walking uphill.

We put our bikes to the test as the campground is on a ridge with lots and lots of hills.  The hill coming back from the boat ramp was very steep.  We bumped the Pedal Assist up to 2 and combined with our pedaling we made back up the hill without any problem (or chest pain!).  I have to say, I am quite impressed with our Lectric bikes.  The battery power is still above the halfway mark, they are sturdy, great for traveling and easy to operate.

Resting, relaxing and recuperating (from our busy camping trip last week!) was the agenda for this week.  Of course, for Ronnie, it was fishing, fishing and more fishing, ha! I’d say he’s getting his monies worth out of his Kentucky fishing license.

After trying out a couple different fishing spots we finally found the perfect spot…

… in one of the primitive camping areas.  There was no one there during the week so that was his go-to spot until the weekend when the campground was full.

He caught quite a few fish keeping some but releasing the others.  One time we decided to take the bikes.  It was quite a feat figuring out how to strap everything down but we were determined.  And we’re off…

Ronnie had a 5 gallon bucket, fishing pole, chair and tackle box to deal with whereas I only had to strap my chair down.  My camera was around my neck and my knitting was in a plastic bag hanging from my handle bars.  While Ronnie fished I took pictures…

Great Blue Heron

… and made dish scrubbies.  I managed to complete the dish scrubby order of ten scrubbies…

I have some extra scrubby yarn so I’ll make some more when I get the urge to grab my knitting needles.  Knitting and crocheting small projects is a nice, portable craft – great for impromptu fishing trips.

Another project I worked on was the backing for the Yuletide Bell Pull.

I set everything up on the picnic table, cut the fabric then sewed the cross stitch piece and the backing together on three sides then turned it inside out.  I’ve ordered the bell pull hardware and once it arrives from England I will fold the top and bottom over and sew together respectively making sleeves then I’ll insert the hardware and it will be finished.

We did leave the park a couple times – one to find a local restaurant in Falmouth and the others to get bait. We wound up at Howard’s Place the day of arrival. Howard Jerome Hoess was a U.S. Army Veteran who had owned the local Dairy Queen since 1989. He restored it after the horrific flood on March 1, 1997 but years later it burned down and he opened up Howard’s Place – a Western themed restaurant with foods similar to Dairy Queen. It was not the healthiest place to eat but there really weren’t many places to choose from. I got the impression that the town is still trying to recover from the flood as we saw several downtown buildings crumbling from neglect. I must say that their ice cream was some of the best I have had. I got the smallest hot fudge sundae with nuts and the ice cream was so creamy. Yum! The rest of the week we ate better and got some exercise.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kincaid Lake State Park.  If we are ever back there again we’ve picked out site 73 as one we’d like to book.  It’s closer to the bath house, mostly level, a nice size site with lots of shade, and somewhat private.  And next time, we’ll have Ronnie’s golf clubs so he can play a round!

Dates at Kincaid Lake State Park:  May 30 – June 6

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