Colleton State Park in South Carolina

Our next stop, Colleton State Park, was a little over two and half hours from St. Mary’s. We stopped here because our intentions were to go to Savannah, GA one day then Charleston, SC another day and this campground was almost in the middle of the two.

However, when we arrived at the campsite we decided neither one of us was very keen on driving the hour or so to each respective place so we stayed put. We’re terrible that way. Neither of us do well in crowds and we typically tend to shy away from cities so where does that leave us? Content at our campsite or checking out small towns and the treasures they hold.

Colleton SP is located in Walterboro.

It’s another quaint little town whose slogan is ‘The Front Porch of the Lowcountry’.

We checked out a couple of antique stores and visited the water tower.

The tower has an interesting story. The following excerpt about the tower is taken from the town’s website… “The tower (built around 1915) is built of reinforced concrete and is 133 feet high. The tank section above the windows holds 100,000 gallons of water. At the base of the Tower are three jail cells where travelers, if stranded here many years ago and not able to pay for lodging, were allowed to stay here.” Is that not too funny? Did you notice the bed frame in the ‘room’ on the right?

The very first thing I noticed about the town were the sidewalks made out of oyster shells…

It had me wondering where all these shells came from and why did the town decide to use them in their sidewalks. Which is kinda funny that I should wonder about such things. As a child I never asked questions. As an adult it seems that’s all I do.

On our way back to the campsite we ate at Duke’s Barbecue – an all-you-can-eat buffet. Our waistlines really didn’t need a buffet but the food was delicious and reasonably priced. Ronnie had the fried chicken saying it was done perfectly and I had a sizable vegetable plate.

Colleton State Park is a smaller campground and backing into one’s spot can be tricky because of all the trees. I’m so glad Ronnie is an excellent backer. They also had the cutest bath house I have seen so far…

We stayed three nights but had to change campsites after the first night because no spots were available for three consecutive nights when we booked. Moving was OK but the people in our spot didn’t leave until the last minute (I can’t blame them) which meant our morning was gone. That’s another reason why we opted to forego trying to get to Savannah and Charleston.

The campground is on the Edisto River and is a favored spot for canoeists and kayakers. We saw many people (both locals and campers) heading down to the water either in bathing suits or with fishing poles. When we walked down to the river we found a few people fishing but no one was swimming. We’ve declared it to be a secret swimming hole as we never found anyone swimming in all the areas that we walked.

Speaking of walking, there was a nice boardwalk to the river’s edge where people could launch their canoes…

… but once you left the boardwalk one had to watch where they were going so as to not trip over a cypress knee…

We noticed as we were walking along the swampy edge of the river that at one point the river had been up quite a bit. You can see the water line on the trees…

All those cypress knees would’ve been well under water.

The river was flowing rather quickly so we really weren’t sure where people might be swimming but it was a nice river and popular with motor boats.

There was a canoe rental across the river and there are a couple cabins for rent in the campground.

We enjoyed our short stay at Colleton. With leaving to only tour the town I had plenty of time to actually FINISH the cross stitching on the Christmas Bell Pull. YAY!!! I still have to get some fabric for the back, sew it together and find some hardware to hang it.

I’m just glad it’s done. This one was tricky with lots of blended colors to create the intricate shading and the use of various colored filament for some sparkle in each motif. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it sure is pretty and was worth the tediousness.

Now on to another adventure. Till next time friends!